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F.T.S.nv. is a company with a wide experience in the field of vehicle and spare parts supplies both in the military and civilian markets.

F.T.S. nv offers a wide range of vehicles from stock like :

  • Trucks : Volvo N10, Renault TRM10000 / TRM4000 / TRM2000
  • Jeeps : Peugeot P4
  • Armoured tracked vehicles : M113A1BE
  • Amphibious vehicles : LARC XV

F.T.S. nv offers a wide range of spareparts and assemblies for armoured tracked vehicles like
  • Main battle Tanks: M48 and M60-series, AMX13, AMX30, LEOPARD A1, etc
  • Self-Propelled Artillery: M109, M110, M108
  • Armoured Personnel carier : M113-family

Supplies fall into following categories :

Power-packs :
Continental AVDS1790-series with CD850-series gearbox Detroit 6V53T (Turbo) with Allison TX100-1/-1A gearbox Detroit 8V71T with Allision XT411 gearbox
Power transfer :
Final drives, sprocket wheels, sprockets,…
Suspension :
Arms assy, torsion bars, shock absorbers,…
Wheels / Tracks :
Track shoes, roadwheels, idler wheels,…
Brake system :
Differential, brakes,…
Cooling system :
Radiator, fans, waterpumps,…
Electrical system :
Alternator, electrical wiring, lights, switches,…
Body, cab and hull :
Cupola, trim vane, hatch,…
Turret system :

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