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Model 6V53
Detroit Diesel

Length 32 in
Width 35 in
Height 44 in
Weight (dry) 1290 pounds
Number 6
Arrangement V type
Firing order 1L-3R-3L-2R-2L-1R
Bore 3,875 in
Stroke 4,5 in
Displacement 318,6 cu. In
Compression ratio 21:1
Rotation right hand (clockwise)
Number of main bearings:
Horsepower, gross 210 @ 2800 rpm
Cooling liquid cooled with fan and radiator
Governed speed:
Full load 2800 rpm
No load 2940-2990 rpm
Idle speed 550-600 rpm

used in M113

Model 6V53 Turbo
Detroit Diesel

Model AVDS-1790-2A Series
Diesel Engine

Model AVDS-1790-2D Series
Diesel Engine

Model AVDS-1790-2C Series
Diesel Engine

Displacement: 1790 cu.in
Lbs dry (with accessories) 4880
Gross (at rated rpm) 750
Net (at rated rpm) 642
Governed (full load) 2400 rpm
Governed (no load) 2640 rpm
Low idle 700 rpm
Number 12
Arrangement 90 degree, V.
Bore 5,75 inch
Stroke 5,75 inch
Compression ratio 16:1
Number 2
Arrangement overhead
Ignition: compression
Generator: 28VDC, 300 amps
Air system:
Induction turbopower Airflow
(at rated power and speed) 2075 cfm
Fuel type: JP-8, DF-A, DF-1, DF-2
Fuel consumption:
At 2400 rpm 296 lbs/hr
Capacity for dry engine 21 gal
Capacity for oil change 18 gal
Oil temperature:
Normal 180°F at 60°F Ambient
Maximum 260°F at 1
used in M60

Engine Leopard
Engine M109 detroit diesel 8V71T
Engine power pack M113-A1

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