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VOLVO N10-Turbo

Technical info

Availability: +/- 12 units
6 cylinder diesel
192 kW
Load capacity: 10 Tons
Tires: 10.00R20 / 22PR
Battery: 2 x 12V / 135ah
Year of construction: +/-1988


Technical info

Availability: +/- 15 units
Gross Weight: 75.200lbs
Capacity: 15 Tons
Engines: 2 dieselengines
Battery: 4 x 12V
Hull Material: Aluminium
Crew: 2 person
Overall size:
Length (ramp up) 45 ft x Width 14 ft x Height 15ft
Length (ramp down) 52 ft
Cargo space:
Length 23 ft x Width 11 ft x Height 3 ft

Renault TRM 10000

Technical info

with container loading system for 20ft on skid
with HIAB crane behind cab and 6 meter load capacity
Engine: Renault MIDS, 6-cylinder turbodiesel, 275hp at 2200rpm
Gearbox: model B9.150, 9 forward � 1 reverse
Suspension: semi-elliptical leaf springs
Weight: 10.290kg
Max load: 12.710kg
Size: 9,25m x 2,5m x 3,11 (cab roof) m


Technical info

The PFM allows the crossing of rivers for wheeled or trachked vehicles. Its design allows for rapid implementation without special preparation of the crossing sites , without necessity for extra personnel or equipment. The bridge consists of modules with their own self-propulsion, the modules are transported and launched using specialized trailers.

M113A1-B voertuigen

Technical info

Availability: +/- 150 units
Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V53 � 212HP
Transmission: Allison transmission TX100-1
Crew: 2 + 11
Size: 4,863m x 2,686m x 1,828m
Weight: +/- 11 tons
Models: command post, instruction, mortar, engineer

Jeep P4

Technical info

Configuration: 4 x 4
Engine : Peugeot 2.498L 4-cylinder, diesel
70.5 hp at 4.500rpm
Gearbox : Manual, 4 forward � 1 reverse
Transfergearbox: 2-speed
Max load : 750kg

ACMAT model : VLRA TPK 6.35 TSR

Technical info

Availability: +/- 20 units
Engine : Perkins Turbodiesel
Transmission : Type CR550
Transfergearcase : ALM-ACMAT type AL660
Suspension : Special, all terain
Wheight : 5.700 kg empty
Batteries : 2 batteries 12V-100A
Autonomy : 1.200km
Speed : 85km/h – (reduced 45km/h)
Tires : Type 12.5 x 20XS

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